09 June 2011

cosas que me gustan del www, #18 (easy come, easy go)

if you are scared of being looked at in a real way, raise your hand.
we could be good at everything! the envy of all women (crushed linen)
i somehow can't love the ones who love me
i, somehow, can't love back the ones back who love me back, i somehow can't love back i somehow can't, i.
if you tell her enough times, times, times, times, times, she will begin to believe it, it, it, it, it, whatever it is. "you're not an assman, you're an asssssssssss, maaaan." exit out the back door, slinky slinky slinky slinky. too guarded too easy so easy
tater is always right. tater gets married. she's always right. she's a crystal ball,
and i do get it. i do, i do get it, but slowly. i do bloom late, and i bloom lately, too.
new words:
bloom and pass, bloomenpas, blumenpas, blue en paz, ersatz, plumas y pumas, pulmónes
i would go on, but this is not a two way street, i'm the only arrow here
"you're not going to go my way," i respond. i don't call.
we write love songs and sing them into the mirror, (no one can hold me), it's prufrock, it's the west side highway, to bedford, past the corner i flip off when i pass
(happy birthday, anna!)
against traffic, into massive parts divided, over potholes shocking shins
this is a pleasant june drive, this is so pleasant when my jaws clench into the dawn, this is such a pleasant june rain, so wet and then, it wanes, leaving pools of brown deep brown pools of brown
is all i can ever see those deep brown planets of pools of the color coco cortadito
i moonlight, too
it's timing, is it my time? have these seconds
there are far too many beautiful women, i know, and each one has something you need, i know
this is nonsense and not, nonsense, knot by knot through
oceans, and sashes, and doors
what is the onomatopoeia for too much, for 0 to 60 and back to 0, for this? what is this sound i'm making?!
so: so long, sooooo long, this is an appropriate so long, you so longed for, familiar song
i must: it is beginning to affect others! most notably my girlfriend
she loves to quote, she wrote.
so fine, and, divine, and, someone's lucero, but not mine.
te veo
te vi
this is how we say goodbye: "see you."
nonchalant, no?
peep the Prince, andro-beautiful, on his basketball team.
game: blouses.

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