29 June 2011

my god (miroslav tichy first)

These two are © Aaron McElroy. I would say they are inspired by Tichy, no? My segue is ungraceful. If you are unaware of your predecessors what does it mean? Are you still accountable? Does this guy owe anything to Tichy? Does it matter? (I am taking this personally - - ?) Is there too much awareness (overwhelming) in this meta-meta-photo-world to not pay dues? Are there too many dues to pay? On one hand starting now, fresh, seems like a good idea. We call it contemporary, and we celebrate it. I'm there - with bells on. Photographers are many, and a child gets a new camera every day. Signifiers the signified, "homage" (my ass), etc...everything PoMo - yes. Anyway, here is some Miroslav, the fascinated: Tichy, a 20th Century scholar of The Female. Tichy meet Kray: "My whole agenda revolves around tryna make sense of the female gender - i can't tell you why, but boy i can tell you it is fun to try, and i make no excuses or apologize nor pull any wool over any pretty eyes, or criticize, what i shoulda put aside, my whole game is no game see i don't even try, and when i wanna kiss 'em i kiss 'em i love kissing and glistening lips kissing and licking tits - the way my hand slide off the side of her hips, the way their minds work is different than ours, i'm a student of these women i'm takin' their seminar...ready to learn, show up early to class, with a big long list of questions to ask, i take copious notes, see i'm hopelessly devoted to the mystery encoded in the beauty of the feminine..."
Kray has a metronome inside of him and a beautiful, deep voice. I would call him brave, bonafide. searching for a heart of gold, without a shield; g'head and shake that intelligence.

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