20 June 2011

"It is art about understanding, not about experience"

A take on the Venice Biennale, which I once overheard pronounced as "bee-enn-eey-yahllllll" at an art gallery in Chelsea..."at an art gallery in chelsea" (in kate's voice)...Anyway, it's a meta world, like I been saying. I know a poem is good if I want to sing its lines and gargle its vowels or spit its consonants, I know a song is good if I want to hear the words come out of my amateur mouth, I know a piece (TKTKTKTK) is good if it brings goosebumps to my skin, I know a photograph is good if it moves me and I feel it, not think it. It is not about 'tricking' me, or taking me for a ride, or pulling the wool over, etc. I know one can find a lot of success at that level, and that's cute, at best, but it dies right then and there, after patting itself on the back for being in on the joke. I want handsome photographs prose sketches paintings prints songs stories...meaty, hearty, juicy...like lunch, or the ones you love. Where consumption is concerned the forms may vary but my taste does not.

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