08 June 2011

lil' mama draaaaaaaaaaaaggin' it out (how you think i feel?!)

shelly's "took the night" was the gay anthem hit/summer song of 2008/9. i danced to it in several dance classes. there are hundreds of youtube videos of every possible rendition/interpretation. basically it's the perfect backdrop to vogue/whack to. this is that type of dance that you BREAK yourself to - "it should hurt" and "make it ugly!" is something i hear often - it's high walks, horse hooves, protruding hips, knee dropping, vogue posing, elbow showing, attitude giving, sudden goodbyes, straight faces, twirly spins, fairy hands, dust sprinkling, etc. etc. etc., it's all snap n' go, baby, allll snap n' go. the interesting thing about this lil' video with this lil' mama is that she's not of this generation of gay men (seriously) but the BETCH (she is) fucking twerks the shit out the piece. you can see she's a prodigy (twirl, bitch!), can't you?! and that's all i have to say about lil' mama. pardon the vernacular, but she gives you LIFE here. can i live tho?!

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