04 June 2011

tiger watch behind mata, ca. 2006

i keep your messages, from the banal to the profound to the idiotic to the reserved to the cold to the warm to the true to the fucked. if there was no internet there'd be no me or you. or us, or ideas of us, or exchanges for better or worse. here are two messages, from a round, plump year...the first is from a perfect square, made of eggshells. it's insulting and exerts no power or pull. the second is from a gemini twin, from my planet, from yesterday and tomorrow.

1. ya, good times; anyway good, glad. i'd like to keep
you around if that's alright. i dont have many smart, emotionally
mature friends who i feel so comfortable around and laugh so much
much love.

2. Saharita, I believe that life is beautiful, and I started thinking like that because of U...the images are everywhere. they are real and true. anyway, please write more sentences, share more about the book --- I love Agnes! She is amazing, she is a woman, like a fiction, like the past, like u.

i leave notes because i want notes back, but maaaaybe once in a blue moon do we get anything back. like mikey says, you could say the right verse to the wrong person. i believe that.

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