27 June 2011

camilo borja by marina borja

it's not possible, is it? i need a new hobby. or they do. i'm playing (sort of). no, i am. summer in england - i wouldn't know about that. i'm 23 years older than their summers and photos are the most painful thing about this whole diagram of dis/connected borjas. i'm sure that it is painful is part of the reason we partake (some traits die hard). the colombiano in camilo begins to shine through...regardless of time and space, he possesses those glorious genetic signifiers of the past and the future at once - the past he knows nothing about, that only his father can see in him, and the future he will create; blindly, knowingly, alone, with his sister, with our without his father's stories, etc. etc. etc. he has two uncles and an aunt in that country, not to mention el negro luis and the matriarch marina, the woman after whom his sister was named.

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