13 July 2011

another day made possible by the one and only (c. 1998)

tudie. le sigh, le phew, le why, le meow. i have a photo of tater's wedding dress and i'm dying. she is a perfect hourglass (I AM RIGHT). elegance. made even KB cry, and that's no easy feet. pheate. pheat. feat: being my bosom buddy. it's like i need a shot to the spinal column, brain jolt, or to the heart, with those chest zappers like in films and TV where the actors go "CLEAR!!!" and then the patient jumps in the air with shock, like a cow on the fence after sticking her wet nose through the metal just tryna get to that sweet patch of berries...CLEAR!!!!! she has the combination to all of my padlocks; there seems to be a few.

behind us is el Cap; i get the feeling you've seen this photo before. do tell...the valley we are in i have not been to since 2001. this rock is still there, although perhaps i have chipped away at it a bit. now it is in the shape of a swan? shut up. the best from this roll is one of tudie caught skipping. glee. before the show.

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