12 July 2011

young g. anzaldo (when your eyes are closed, i hope i'm the man you see)

Young G.1.28 - 2.18. when jackie and i were taking dance classes religiously in 2004 and 5 and 6 there was this kid like 16 or 17 years old. this was him. he was a beast, and i told him as such at the end of some show where he was the only thing you could watch on stage. it's like mj being surrounded by an amazing cast of professional dancers but it doesn't matter, it's only him you're able to look at - it's only stars that pull your gaze. honestly, like there was no other star in the big black sky. he's coming into his prime now, like 22 or something. he's like the boy equivalent of grandmothers who never leave the house without their coiffe and makeup, tights and shoes on. this kid was coiffed - tight from brow to tennis tips. meticulous. you can see that in the way he moves - sharp, nothing extra, to the point. every hit is exact. every moment curated; there is no in between. yes, i would say curated...

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