05 July 2011

flores/colores (to be pronounced with cuban accent)

© collier schorr. this photo reminds me of 1960s b/w 'street' photography a la definition of flaneur when flaneur still meant something in photographic circles...or at least being on the streets in general, to the extent that say you're walking through an intersection, or trying to get ahead of people on a crowded sidewalk, and you see the path you're going to take, and for some reason the rhythm of your walk, you know, will allow you to keep moving - no stopping. the timing of the gaps between the people crossing the streets or the passing of pedestrians on the pavement in front of you, or those crossing in front of you on a red and you on your bike flying through and you don't stop, because like a web, or how you weave a basket, or draw an octagon, everything opens up - and in you go...no? similarly - when i was first looking at b/w photography i didn't like things that were 'messy' or unsymmetrical; i think that was my pre-adolescent ocd kicking in, and i acknowledge that now as a certain spontaneity (affected or not) in photography. SO! let the chips - and flowers - fall where they may, or if not, at least scatter and corral (all of this shit) how you envision it to be in your head...get it out there - see it live. my recollection of the last collier schorr book i looked at is fuzzy - my notes on the book were stuffed inside and given back to the owner, then tossed - did i say something about the men? the animals? the bodies? my notes were observational/conversational, not mementos...what stays with me, i guess, is what needs to - the feeling, a general shape, the characters - and from there who knows where it goes, or if it does.

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