22 July 2011

fortuna friday

© p. marlow
today we have a friend in the hospital being tended to by trained professionals...this is good because we need this person and all of his body parts to be here with all of us on this dirty soiled humid dusty moist tragic comedic wide repugnant fragrant terrain we like to call nuestra tierra. there are many worlds (we've created) but this is the one that matters most. carpe denim, capezio diem, etc...it matters most because this is the spot to which we all congregate, gathering around the same clock, in the same backyard, eating off the same dish - get it? it's important that this young man stay on this planet for at least another 60+ years. because just, yes, and because he needs to and will be a wonderful father some day...i know this because of his internal tickings, the way he moves and the way he provides, the way he would probably mow a lawn is the way he probably does everything - thoroughly, lovingly. he has a wonderful, fuzzy chest that is the perfect height for embracing, the perfect width for laying upon, the perfect temperature and mood for calming newborns, etc. you know this is the place to be and you know these long arms around you are the type of arms that erase whatever's out there. you get lost for just a second and you envy his kids-to-be, and get why the lively petite one has rested there for so long...you don't wish for this chest until you've had spaghetti embraces, from people with more words but less power, and then! you begin to long for the hold from this unassuming barrel chested, native american dreamcatcher motherfucker who keeps it calm and quiet, and soothing like some loop of whale songs from leagues away, bee bopping underwater like, notes from the bottom of the sea...in the end that's all you heard in those embraces by the front door - ear to chest to this heart beat, steady and deep and on loop, on loop, on loop, on loop.

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