24 July 2011

babes hot

it was 102 in the city yesterday. this means that you sleep on the floor because your sheets are hot or you purchase an air conditioner. i choose the former, if only because i remember this past christmas's snow fall. the 'white stuff,' he said. so i choose the hardwood floor. it also means that you only eat watermelon all day and also coconut water. chloe had 2 liters. i had one liter, each glass over 5-6 ice cubs. at 8 you can finally eat, and maybe you do so with a beer. that beer in a heat like yesterday's is equivalent to 4 pints in the winter; and so it produces the following faces...this week chloe moved into a 1-bedroom, our friend recovered from surgery, i saw dearest schupak, i had an altercation with a close friend that has not yet resolved itself, and i thought about what ERB has been saying to me during our visits. it's about the shape of things, an ingenious way of asking a stubborn person like myself what an alternative looks like...what does "it look like" to be ___ ? what would "it look like" to ___? it's ingenious. and on my bike riding around in 100 degree weather this week, i have felt massive shifts, to the day, to the minute (*WE TAKE NOTES*), the kind of shifts you imagine happening when you hear of mercury finally entering your 5th house (the door has been unlocked all this time, i thought), etc. etc. etc., i envision the shape of things, i sketch it in my mind and with my body and with my presence and in my interactions...and i color it in, and begin to fill out its shape. it looks not like an object, but like something more mercurial, decisively. positively mercurial.

photo by ms. brazil 2011

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